About leadly

behind the scenes at leadly

We Are Leadly

Leadly brings innovation and design to interpersonal networking while helping our clients bridge the gap between their business and clients.

Here at Leadly, we believe that every business card deserves to be used and kept. Through the innovative design of Leadly cards and the groundbreaking technology of near frequency communication (NFC) Leadly, is able to take your last business card to the next level. 

Our cards comes with no monthly fee and a Leadly support team to help you with anything along the way.

Our commitment to service

We are proud to serve our clients via, telephone, live chat, and email! 

Leadly is here to help you meet your business goals. We allow our clients to reach us anytime so we can assist in any way. 

Privacy for a good night's sleep

We provide safe and secure services so you can sleep at night.

Leadly takes pride in data security and privacy. We do not sell to 3rd parties companies and use our own secure infrastructure to host your data. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Leadly Service Commitment

our environmental footprint and roadmap

Leadly aims to be carbon neutral by August 2021. Through our own solar program 

Leadly runs a low carbon footprint through high efficiency data centres, and a work from home collaboration model. We aim to neutralize our footprint by….

Each day 27 million business cards are printed and 88% of those go unused… using a Leadly Card potentially saved many of these card from being printed.